Philosophy of Wordification

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. I’m your Wordifier, Tamara.

This website grew out of my belief that “good software instructions” is NOT an oxymoron! I have a deep interest in providing computer users with clear and helpful instructions for getting things done with their software.

I love installing new software and playing with it. I love figuring out what it can do, and how to push it to its limits. Then, I love explaining its features to others, especially those who tend to be tentative or fearful software users. It pains me to see computer users struggling along with a procedure that could be faster and more smoothly, if only someone explained it!

I believe that software should exist as a tool to serve your needs. Nobody needs every feature of a particular program, and there’s no reason to take a class or read a thick book that discusses arcane features you’ll never use. But you should feel confidently assured that you can get your program to do what you do need it to do.

Of course, a crucial component on your way to mastering your software is having a place to find good instructions. I believe that software instructions should be relevant to what you’re trying to do; should clearly explain not only what to do but why to do it; and should be delivered in a mode that makes sense to you ā€” words, pictures, or hands-on experimenting. I also think that analogies help some people grasp a concept more solidly, so you’ll find a number of analogies and metaphors in these pages.

This website is for all of you who don’t feel that the “help” that comes with a software product lives up to its name. So come on in, and have a look around. I hope that you find something here that makes it easier for you to get things done. And if you’re trying to figure out some feature in your software, feel free to submit a question. That’s what I’m here for.

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